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 The Advantages of a Mini Bracket 

With the Control of a Full Size Bracket

Available in Ortho Technology's Version
of the Following:

Roth Prescription* Roth "V" Slot Prescription*
McLaughlin, Bennett & Trevisi Prescription*
Bio-Progressive Ricketts/Hilgers Prescription*
Standard Edgewise

Bionic Bracket System

Precisely designed and manufactured with all the features an orthodontist expects;
while providing the uncompromised results and comfort patients deserve.

Bionic brackets offer full control and clinical features such as:
  • torque-in-base,
  • exact slot measurements,
  • compound contour base,
  • easy-to-ligate tie wings,
  • and an 80 gauge mesh bonding base.

Manufactured from high quality 17-4 stainless steel for unsurpassed strength, Bionic brackets are available in most popular prescriptions and with the option of gingivally offset bicuspids.

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